ALERT: Due to El Niño weather, the 2016 show has been cancelled.

Boat Buyers Toolkit

What makes a boat show the BEST place to buy a boat?

A boat show is the one place where you can compare a wide variety of boats, talk to experts, dealers and manufacturers and best of all, take advantage of special deals and incentives - including the best prices of the season - all at one time. To make the most of your time at the show, shop with a plan. These tips will make finding, and buying, the boat of your dreams easier.



Get inspired by the Stories of Discovery provided by Discover Boating. Get to know the Ader family on their lake boat, the Vazquez family on their pontoon boat of watch country star Jake Owen's boating story.

See How Affordable Boating Can Be

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to learn that dollar for dollar boating is a real bargain!
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Boat Loan Calculator

Boating is more affordable than you think. If you know what your
monthly budget amount is to buy a boat, put that in the monthly
window and work backwards to determine how much in total price you can afford.
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to help determine what’s right for you.


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