Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training 
Powerboat, Sailing and Catamaran

Nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to improving your skills and learning new ones. This year’s show features a full schedule of one-hour and three-hour hands-on, in-water powerboating, sailing and catamaran workshops designed to add more fun and excitement to your boat show experience…and take your boating skills up a notch. There’s something for everyone - from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers! 

Space is very limited. Advance registration is highly recommended. Participants who pre-register online will receive FREE boat show admission ($12,- value) for the day. Participants may also register for Clinics and Seminars at the Discover Boating Resource Center during the boat show on a space available basis.
All sessions are based on internationally recognized training and certification programs and are taught by USCG licensed captains who are also certified professional instructors. You'll learn skills that will last a lifetime.

One-hour powerboating workshops

Essential Boating Safety - Presented Dockside
Airline pilots wouldn’t dream of taking off without performing a thorough pre-flight check of the aircraft. In this session participants will learn how professional boat captains conduct a pre-departure, voyage-critical systems, a post voyage checkout procedure and more. All participants will receive a reusable, laminated copy of the specially designed pre-departure checklist to take home. For skippers and crew of all experience levels. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

First Mate Skills – Presented Dockside
Competent crewmembers that know their way around the boat make the skipper look like a pro at the marina and will always get invited back. This session covers the essential skills required of a top-notch first mate including those that make docking and undocking drama free and uneventful. These sessions are for crewmembers (and skippers) of all skill levels. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

Basic Close Quarters Maneuvering Skills – On Water
Participants will learn how to handle the boat in tight spaces and maneuver close to piers, docks and fixed objects with confidence. For newcomers and those who want to polish their skills under the guidance of a professional captain. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

Anchoring and Multi-Vessel Rafting Techniques – On Water
The Prospect of anchoring overnight can create anxiety for even the most experienced boaters. The skills taught in this session will help you get a better night’s sleep at anchor including how to prepare for heavy winds and managing a dragging anchor, rafting up with other vessels and more. For skippers and crew of all experience levels. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

Open Water Boat Handling & Seamanship – On Water
Helmsmanship - the ability to steer and handle a boat well - can’t be learned from a book or in a classroom. In this session you’ll take the helm to learn skills needed to be a confident boat operator including: how to use trim tabs and the engine tilt/trim feature to balance the boat correctly, handling large waves and wakes safely and more. For skippers and crew of all experience levels. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

Three-hour powerboating workshops

The Powerboat workshops will be offered in partnership with Passage Yachts and BoatUS.

Advanced Docking
The ability to maneuver a boat confidently and without “drama” in challenging conditions requires a set of skills that can take years to perfect. If you’ve ever felt anxious or intimidated in challenging docking situations, this program is just what the doctor ordered. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

Powerboating Made Easy
If you’ve ever left your boat sitting in her slip when the weather looked even a little “iffy,” this program was designed for you. Taught entirely on board while underway, by a USCG licensed and professional certified instructor this session covers essential skills you need to ensure the safety of the boat and everyone aboard. It delivers the practical hands-on experience to increase your ability and confidence and leads to greater boating safety and enjoyment. For more info and to register CLICK HERE


Sailing & Catamaran workshops

All instruction is offered in cooperation with Trade Winds Sailing School & Club.
If you have questions, please send them to Sail America at

Introducation to Sailing
No experience necessary - Participants will receive an insight into the world of sailing with this short but informative and interactive on-the-water class. Before getting underway, participants will get a safety briefing and be provided with life jackets. This will be followed by a walk though above decks, during which you will be introduced to common nautical terms. A few demonstrations of line handling, boat awareness and physical stances will be shown before leaving the dock. For more info and to register CLICK HERE

It has been a long day of sailing, and now the anchor is down. Time for some rest; but the wind is picking up and you’re having trouble falling asleep. Questions.... “Did I choose the right anchoring technique? Am I safe from other boats anchored nearby? What about changes in current, tide or wind? What if I begin to drag?” These and other questions are addressed in the Anchoring Class. This 2 hour hands-on, on-the-water class will introduce you to such techniques as picking up a mooring ball, setting an anchor properly, setting two anchors, anchoring bow and stern, Bahamian anchoring and Med mooring. We will discuss selecting the right anchor configuration for your situation, what to do about a fouled anchor, risk of rode in the prop and other issues.Our goal? A good, sound sleep the next time you spend the night at anchor. 2-hour On Water Learning REGISTER HERE

Docking under Power

This 2 hour course will enable you to control your vessel in close quarters maneuvering, instead of the other way around. It is one of the few classes that you will use every time you depart or arrive at a dock - and most students are pleasantly surprised to find themselves at an advanced - or even expert - level at the end of this fun session. 2-hour On Water Learning REGISTER HERE

A Taste of Sailing
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those people sailing on San Francisco Bay; enjoying the sun, wind, and water? Have you asked yourself what skills you need to join them, or where they go, what they see, and what they are doing out there? After all of the excitement created by the recent America’s Cup, are you curious what it takes to race a sail boat on San Francisco Bay or why you’d even want to? Then this sailing experience is for you! Join us for a 4 hour sail on San Francisco Bay. REGISTER HERE

Catamaran Sailing On Water Learning
Offered in cooperation with Tradewinds Sailing School & Club
Are you getting ready for your next charter vacation? Are you curious as to why so many sailors and charter companies are choosing multihulls? Are you looking to expand your sailing knowledge to include cruising catamarans? Then this is the class for you. During this 3 hour, on-the-water class you will learn to maneuver a large cruising catamaran under both sail and power. You’ll learn about docking, anchoring, man over-board, and general systems of a large cruising catamaran. REGISTER HERE


Free Sailing Lesson - Sailing Simulator

Experience how a boat reacts to wind and waves and learn how to use the tiller with the help of an ASA certified instructor. Designed and built by a nuclear physicist, the sailing simulator recreates the actual movement of a boat under sail so you can get a feel for the water, without getting wet. It’s a unique training platform for sailors of all abilities - whether you’re just learning how to sail and or an experienced sailor who wants to practice under different sailing conditions. 

The simulator was featured at the America's Cup where more than 1000 people took a sailing lesson. Don't miss your chance to climb aboard for a test sail.

CLICK HERE to see the Sailing Simulator in action.